Dancing for a Cause

Dancing for a Cause is a collaborative annual event designed to strengthen community support for three local human service agencies: Alliance for Literacy, Center Point, and
Rape Response.

On Saturday, August 26, 2017, ten local celebrities got their groove thing on and perform a variety of different dance styles at the Chattachooche Country Club in Gainesville. Each dancer received only 10 hours of instruction before performing in front of a large audience, judges and a live stream over facebook.  Over $200,000 was raised for the three charities this year, exceeding last year by over $35K. Thanks to all that donated and lent their support for Leah Long & Lee Koontz and Dancing For A Cause.

Dancing for a Cause partnered with the North Georgia Community Foundation to facilitate tax-deductible donations in support of this event.

The mirrorball trophy looking so fabulous in its new home!Text Box: dancehallcounty.com


Please go to the following website to view dances: 

Thank you for VOTING for
LEAH LONG and Lee Koontz
We appreciate your support!

Lee Koontz is the Senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Gainesville.

* Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law. Please note that individual donations less than $250 will not receive an acknowledgement letter. In the case of donations less than $250, it is advised that you keep your transaction receipt (should you need proof of your contribution). Donations that exceed $250 will receive an acknowledgement letter from the North Georgia Community Foundation, per IRS polices.


Doug Stewart

Sam Couvillon
was picked as the Community Star
Brooke Kalinauskas
was winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Dancing for a Cause Dancers - August, 2016